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Dr DB Kush - Tray Trash ft AoneSick
Amendment 64 allows Colorado citizens to cultivate their own marijuana.

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JDutch - Speakers Coming Soon On Not Only Street Records

Since the age of twelve rapper/singer Ace The Czar, now 24, has been striving to make a breakthrough in the music industry with complex, hardcore yet classy rhymes. Getting his start performing at small 21 and up venues at the age of 14, then progressing to larger venues it is safe to say he has seen a little. With a dynamic flow that has enhanced over the years, Ace The Czar’s song writing ability never ceases to amaze.

JDutch - Coming Soon On Not Only Street Records

Never having to fight for the throne.
Its all JDutch

"With a flow powerful enough to move a mountain, this Cali Emcee is the new face of west coast hip hop.